What is creative

  • Using the creative process in a mindful way for exploration, discovery, healing, restoration and transformation.
  • Listening, noticing, being present and fully engaged in an experiential way so that we may authentically create and express from our true self.

About Jennifer

Jennifer says:
“I have a passion for creative soultending. As a contemplative I use the creative process in conjunction with practices of spiritual formation to discover and express insight. For over 12 years I have created and curated experiential reflective sacred spaces for groups. I teach art classes with intentional healing focus in a format I call Art Lab. I also build community and connection by gathering people for Red Thread creative sessions. I offer workshops in Intentional Creativity® which step participants through creating their own unique painting, even without previous experience.

I have a degree in fine art and additional training in Intentional Creativity®.  I invite people into sacred space to explore their inner life and practice expressing themselves. This kind of creative process facilitates personal discovery and transformation as it touches that true sacred center of us and can bring positive and real change. I believe this spirals out to bring healing and change to the world.

Jennifer Herrick

Jennifer Herrick is a visual artist with a degree in fine art from the University of Georgia. Her area of focus was photographic design, primarily in black and white and hand processes. She delighted in this slow and mindful analog version of photography. Subsequently she studied intaglio printmaking at the University of Wisconsin. She taught university level photography in CA and has been a creative on staff with several non-profit organizations. Since 1995 she has had her own business in print graphics, web design, and photography in the Denver, CO area where she resides.

Among her influences are the Abstract Expressionist painters, DaDaists, Surrealist and Symbolist artists, and the medium of collage. She is attracted to imagery that has multiple levels of meaning with an eye toward the spiritual. She now creates in mixed media, photography and acrylic painting.

Jennifer’s recent work features female iconic and archetypal images that imply the strengths and gifts that women carry to the world.

She is especially interested in helping other women find their true center and creative voice.

Is it your time?

Many women are ready to give themselves permission to do something creative and expressive.  I facilitate art experiences that tend the soul– through exploration, play, discovery, release, and celebration of our heart’s desire.

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Jennifer Herrick is a certified Intentional Creativity® Teacher and member of the Intentional Creativity Guild.