Muse of the Heart

Experiences in Intentional Creativity
for soul, mind, and spirit.

Creative Soultending

Imagine a life well-lived, where you show up every day as your true self, flow with the river of change and see your life more closely aligned to your inner guidance. You live from your Source and find your voice and your joy. You know your unique mission in serving the world. This is not automatic. It is a journey that likely requires some creative soultending. Join me in this path of discovery through creativity. Find your Muse of the Heart.

Creative Exploration

Using the creative process as a vehicle for self-discovery and expression, we have fun with art supplies and techiniques that build a visual vocabulary and toolbox.

Intentional Creativity® Workshops

By activating the right brain and left brain in service to the heart, we bring into form a part of who we are using symbol, color, line, word and image.

Red Thread Sessions

Shorter classes that hold space for discovery through reflection and creative ritual. Based on specific topics of interest, the Red Thread highlights group connection.

Participants share

About a 2-day painting workshop:

“I had “aha” moments of discovery of what I consider important in my life. For a non-practiced artist putting paint, color, symbol onto canvas is magical. I highly recommend it to everyone!” — J.P.

“I’m not sure I would have known where to begin a painting on my own. The format—structure was helpful. It did help me take another look at how I became me.
I would recommend the technique because it’s especially good for people afraid of being creative if they over-judge themselves and art.” — M.A.

“In our time together to explore ourselves through this process, my heart was showing me to me. I constantly had many “ahas.” Even from the beginning, I knew we were creating a wonderful bundle of memories shared by all of us in our group.” — J.D

About a 3-hour workshop:

“It was really a peaceful interlude, excluding all of the thoughts and judgements and regrets and plans that usually occupy my mind. The process was the important part. I would be very interested in participating in another experience.” — J.B.

Intentional Creativity does not necessarily refer only to painting or writing, rather it expands on a philosophy of being, living, falling in love with our lives, one another, and creation itself. Shiloh Sophia McCloud